Frequently asked questions

and answers

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Which format will I receive the track?

You will receive a Wav 44,1hz 24bit Stereo and Mp3 320kbps Stereo track

I’am not from Russia. Can I use your service?

Of course you can! We are working all around the globe

More expensive rate of Mixing is the better the quality?

No! All excellent quality, but the cost of plan depends primarily from the amount of work. The more stems in your track, the more expensive work will be.

How soon my track will be ready?

Deadlines depends of the ordered service. This is an average from 1 to 3 working days. You can always find out the exact deadlines at the product page.

I have my own music label. Tracks are many. Can I expect to discounts for regular orders?

Yes! We have a flexible system of discounts for orders from 2 tracks, as well as regularly hold sales. As well as for each order you get a bonus to your account. You can learn more about discounts on the product page.

What is a “bonuses for registration and payment”?

Now we give our customers bonuses for each ordered service.
1 bonus = 1 Russian ruble. You can pay bonuses of up to 100% of the services. It is profitable!
If you register, you will automatically receive a gift from us – 200 bonuses to your account. You can register for 5 seconds through your favorite social network.

Can I pay for the work today, and send files in a month or two?

Yes, you can! The maximum period of one year since receiving files. The main thing to keep save your order number.

What should I do if I do not like the quality of the work performed?

Tell us what exactly you are not satisfied and we will make changes for free. Your track will perfectly sound, we promise!

I sent you the track past year, can I make changes free?

Unfortunately not. File storage life and guarantees for our services is limited. To get more info about storage, check product page .

I want to be incognito. Can you guarantee the confidentiality of working with you?

Yes! We will never disclose this information without the consent of the author.

What music genres do you work?

We work with all genres.

You still have a questions?

Contact us and we reply you soon.