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LightmuZik Mastering Service is an inexpensive high-quality online service for musicians and DJs.
Your music is in safe hands! Victor Slate - a 10-year experienced sound engineer, musician. Have an official remix of Linkin Park as part of the project "The Dual Personality" (international remix competition hosted by Linkin Park, Warner. Bros and Indaba Music - honorable 1st place). Was performed a mixing and mastering of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Anthem (Chelsy band). For two years the studio has already served several celebrity clients - Sergey Zhukov (Russian superstar. Band "Ruki Vverh"(Hands Up)), Chelsy band, BahhTee, Love Republic (audio montage for Naomi Campbell's collection), and also more than 700 musicians from around the world.

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We provide up to 35% discounts for orders from 2 tracks, as well as regularly hold sales.
In addition, our prices are much lower, than in other studios.

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If the track will need to change something, we will make changes free. Number of edits is not limited. Work on your track will be brought to the end..

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Like a speed of hummingbird's heartbeat

The deadline of one track mixing is 2-3 working days. What is about mastering of one track it will take no more than one business day. Forget about waiting for the results monthly like in other studios.

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Our customers

Sergey Zhukov (Russian superstar. Band “Ruki Vverh”(Hands Up)), Chelsy band, BahhTee, Naomi Campbell (Love Republic), The Dual Personality
As well as a great many less famous but no less talented people =)